Reduce your overhead costs and increase efficiency with a Komyo Logistics strategic alliance. Gain valuable logistics expertise, facilities, equipment, systems and a highly skilled workforce.

Freight Fowarding

Many hours and resources can be wasted in inefficient transportation. For profitable and successful freight forwarding, it’s best to utilize Komyo Logistics as your go-to logistics expert.

Komyo Logistics’ customers benefit from our extensive experience and global transportation solutions for quick, accurate and profitable product delivery. From sending time-sensitive products by air or shipping bulk products by ocean, our knowledge and resources move your product efficiently and cost effectively.

With our sophisticated tracking system, we give each of our customers the personalized assistance that they require including managing and monitoring shipments at any time during transportation.

Our Services

  • Import/Export
  • Customs Management
  • Local Pick-Up and Deliveries
  • TL, LTL and Parcel Services
  • Port Drayage

Global Reach